Create, Launch and Optimize Your Advertising Campaign

All it takes is a few clicks to create targeted ads that reach new users at massive scale.


Campaign Operations

In-House team of Campaign-ops specialists who execute end-to-end campaign lifecycle, covering proposal submission, IO & RIO management, DFP Set up, Trafficking, Optimizing, Reconciliation & Billing.

Text Links Mailer Banner Ads

Marketing Infrastructure

From warming up the IP block to building policy framework & compliance to monitoring deliverability against industry standards to achieving established benchmarks on open & click-through rates.


Choose the best Rs. amount

Add as much or as few funds as you want. Payment is easy via Bank transfer or electronic wire transfer. Find the amount that works for your business and allows you to reach ROI faster.


In-House Campaign Management Platform

Intuitive Reporting Dashboards, Ideal for Agency & Campaign-Network Environment. Experienced in developing technology platform for cross-channel, multi-format digital advertising.


Optimize performance

Onaffi’s dashboard tracks performance and measures the results of every ad. Our reporting tools allow you to identify your highest performing ads and then iterate on them. Data from your campaigns help ensure that you achieve your revenue goals.

Acquire more new users and see real results

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