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  • Display Advertising is much about technology than creativity. It requires a creative idea but technology is revolutionizing the display advertising industry. It started with serving banner ads to the audience in India then the ‘CMP’ technology enabled advertisers to serve different creative at different levels in the purchase funnel to the same user through affiliate marketing. Moreover, they could be made personalized on the basis of data available about the prospect.

  • Display Advertising has been flourishing since its advent but Ad Blockers appeared as stumbling block in its journey of success. According to a recent report by Page Fair, ad block users have got just doubled in last one year which are roughly counted as 419 million on mobile today from 198 million around the globe.

  • The modern market is absolutely unpredictable. And yet it lives according to strict laws. The marketers need to be known to achieve maximum results in their business - that is the main task of the marketer.

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